Junior Initiative

A non-profit association or informal group of higher education students whose objective is create a Junior Enterprise, following the procedures indicated for this purpose.


Emergence of the idea


Motivation for creating a Junior Enterprise with a specific business area/core business supported by the study area/ academic background, which promotes the development of students in the respective university


Contact with Junior Enterprises Portugal


Using the contact form available at the bottom of this page




Junior Enterprises Portugal growth program


Being under the jurisdiction of the Federation, Júnior Initiative undertakes to benefit from a monitoring program, based on monthly meetings, in favor of its development in 3 segments: organizational development, legal foundation and external development


Interim audit and specific contacts


Detailed audit of the Junior Initiative, which culminates in a decisive opinion for the completion of the Admission Audit



Admission Audit


In-depth audit of the Júnior Initiative and measurement of its quality, a fundamental factor in the preparation of the opinion by the Federation



Deliberation in the General Assembly


Vote at the General Assembly, by members, to become a Junior Company



Junior Enterprise Status



#1 Advantages for the educational institution

#2 Advantages for students

#3 Advantages for institutions and companies

Bet on development and employability

Being part of a JE increases the employability rate of college students by 20% and the probability of creating their own business. It also promotes the consolidation of knowledge, making students become better professionals and active citizens.

Business cooperation and commitment

Junior Companies act as a bridge between academia and the business world, promoting the university's reputation while carrying out projects with high added value for individual or corporate clients. For this reason, they also perform better in their studies through the knowledge acquired at their Junior Enterprise.

Brand awareness and international exposure

Junior Entrepreneurs are part of an international network that connects 14 different countries, in Europe alone. The exposure given to the Junior Enterprise gives universities recognition and brand notoriety, due to their presence in international events that increase the university's reach.

Get out of your comfort zone and be part of something

Every day, Junior Entrepreneurs deal with unexpected situations that force them to be flexible and develop leadership skills. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to belong to a global network that involves thousands of people.

Labor market and business environment

As a Junior Entrepreneur, you will have direct contact with customers, other Junior Companies and public institutions. This way, you will connect more easily to the business world and increase the likelihood of being an entrepreneur and successful in the job market.

Experience entrepreneurship and disruption

 Developing confidence, security and experiencing the concept of entrepreneurship at such a young age are some of the opportunities that, as a higher education student and Junior Entrepreneur, you can obtain in this multicultural learning environment.

Develop employer branding strategy

Having a relationship with a Junior Company also allows you to develop a relationship with other students at the college where it is located. Investment in entrepreneurship linked to education reinforces the companies’ Employer Branding strategy.

Project support

Some institutions may enjoy entrepreneurial projects focused on organizations, integrating Junior Entrepreneurs with innovative and disruptive thinking in collaborative projects that benefit both parties.

Enhance entrepreneurial education

Associating the brand of an institution or company with the social responsibility that derives from the support given to a Junior Enterprise and which supports education programs that promote entrepreneurship, is an added value for the brand's notoriety.